Lynda Wellens Artworks



Lynda Wellens is a Miami native who has always been fascinated by the lush foliage that her hometown has to offer. As a child she climbed neighborhood trees and ate their fruit, played hide and seek in the nearby bamboo and nurtured small plants that would yield colorful blossoms. As an adult Lynda received her art degree from the University of Miami. Her creativity expanded as she and her husband, Rod began raising two children in their hometown. Enjoying the elementary school years of her children, Lynda returned to the University for a Master's degree in education. Helping children blossom became another passion in Lynda's life.

Retiring from elementary education Lynda returned to an earlier love. She is currently a member of the Miami Watercolor Society, the Florida Watercolor Society, Grove House Artists, the Flowering Tree Society and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden where she teaches watercolor classes. Each visit to Fairchild is rewarded with a delightful display of the living beauty that is part of this magnificent collection. Painting this foliage is a joyful expression that Lynda hopes will be shared by those who behold her watercolors.

More recently, Lynda has begun exploring other ways to use watercolor, as well as, other subject matter. Lynda has enjoyed painting and teaching classes using Yupo as a support, in addition to, using a batik process to paint on rice paper. Miami is a colorful, vibrant city and a source of inspiration for many of Lynda’s paintings.